Tower Construction

MTSI is equipped to erect all types of support structures in any environment. We specialize in construction of the following:

  • Guyed towers
  • Monopoles
  • Self-support
  • Roof-mount
  • Flare gas structures
  • Others.

MTSI owns and operates an assortment of winch trucks and skid winches along with gin poles that are capable of making 8,000 pound lifts. MTSI’s skilled and experienced personnel have developed job specific efficient methods for tower construction that enables us to erect any variety of aerial support structures. Cranes are used when time constraints or project scheduling issues arise requiring expedited construction.

In addition to tower erection, we construct ice bridges, waveguide and coax ladders, and install antenna mounts.

MTSI is an approved contractor to work on major tower operators’ facilities including American Tower, SBA, Crown Castle International, and others.