Maintenance Services

Proper maintenance of tower and antenna facilities is critical to assuring the long-term performance of the radio network as well as compliance with FCC and FAA regulations. MTSI offers maintenance and inspection services designed to preserve structural integrity and regulatory compliance.

Our combined experience in civil construction, tower erection, and antenna systems enables us to provide complete, comprehensive maintenance and inspection programs that can be tailored to meet your needs. Additional services include emergency and scheduled maintenance work designed to preserve operability and regulatory compliance.

MTSI’s skilled and experienced personnel can remove twist and sway from guyed towers while maintaining radio receive signal levels (RSL, RSSI). We are able to bring your tower to within FAA/FCC specifications with bulb change-out, a new coat of paint, rewiring, or other maintenance activity. We have experience with strobe and red light systems. MTSI owns and operates special lubrication equipment for protecting guy wires in corrosive environments.

MTSI supplies inspection and maintenance services for antenna systems to ensure pressurization equipment, radomes, grounds, antenna mounts, and transmission lines are properly installed and are operating within specification.