Microwave Radio Path Engineering

Utilizing field survey data, MTSI’s transmission engineers perform a formal design of your wireless network. MTSI’s experience spans designing radio systems operating in 2.4, 5.8, and 24 GHz unlicensed bands, and systems operating in the licensed bands ranging from 4-GHz to 80-GHz, using all digital modulation types in hot-standby, non-standby, and multiline configurations, with or without space diversity.

Using industry accepted propagation models, MTSI’s personnel evaluate radio paths for outages attributed to normal atmospheric multipath fading, rain outage, obstruction fading, and up-fading. Based on the evaluation, MTSI’s personnel are able to recommend outage mitigation techniques that will maximize system availability.

MTSI’s skilled and experienced personnel ensure your radio network is designed to achieve maximum performance operating within the equipment manufacturers’ specification while meeting FCC rules and EIRP limitations in the licensed and unlicensed frequency bands.

Formal designs of radio paths include the following:

  • RF planning report and recommendations
  • System route map
  • Path profiles
  • Path link budget calculations
  • Link availability calculations.