Frequency Planning and FCC Licensing

MTSI’s skilled and experienced personnel manage the frequency interference analysis and selection of operating frequencies for your microwave radio system operating in unlicensed and licensed frequency bands. Frequencies are selected to minimize intersystem and intrasystem frequency interference using methods established in TIA Technical Systems Bulletin TSB-10-F. The 30-day frequency coordination process for licensed systems is conducted per FCC Part 101 regulations. Potential cases of frequency interference are resolved within the wireless community as part of the coordination effort. Frequency coordination data sheets and a Supplemental Showing, which are used as exhibits when filing with the FCC, are supplied to you as part of the final documentation package.

MTSI’s personnel are able to supply you with FCC license applications for your radio sites that can be used for electronic submission to the FCC via the ULS system. The FCC form 601 license application is fully completed with the administrative and technical data fields filled in. MTSI can pay the FCC application fees on your behalf at the time of filing, or notify you that the applications have been submitted allowing you to pay filing fees within the allotted time period.