Feasibility Studies

Deploying a radio system begins with selecting sites that allow unobstructed transmission. MTSI can help with the site selection process by providing route planning assistance and path profiles using state-of-the-art path analysis software. Even if sites are already established, MTSI’s software tools are capable of finding all viable transmission paths that result in the most efficient routing of your radio network.

MTSI’s skilled and experienced personnel use high resolution USGS terrain data combined with a land use database that results in the most visually effective and accurate path profile as possible. Line-of- sight conditions are evaluated yielding preliminary antenna heights. MTSI’s skilled and experienced personnel prepare a link budget calculation that shows:

  • Antenna sizes
  • Equipment transmit power
  • Received signal level (RSL, RSSI)
  • Fade margin
  • Diversity requirements needed to achieve a desired link reliability.

MTSI offers feasibility studies for licensed and unlicensed wireless networks and includes:

  • System route planning and mapping
  • Path profiles
  • Link budget and fade margin calculations
  • Link reliability calculations.