Installation Specifications

The detailed engineering that goes into the Installation Specification is key to any successful wireless deployment. MTSI’s skilled and experienced personnel use the results of the Site Survey to develop an Installation Specification that is used by equipment installers and forms a permanent record of the radio facilities.

MTSI is capable of engineering transmission facilities that incorporates radio and antenna, multiplex, routers and switches, and ancillary equipment for wireless networks. MTSI is experienced in engineering systems that operate in licensed and unlicensed frequency bands ranging from 400 MHz to 80 GHz. These systems range from the following:

  • Legacy TDM radio systems carrying DS1, DS3, and OC3 traffic
  • IP based Ethernet radios, switch and routing equipment
  • 1+0 non-standby and 1+1 hot-standby systems with or without space diversity
  • N+1 multiline high-capacity radio networks

The Installation Specification fully documents every aspect of the installation effort and includes the creation of:

  • Statement of Work
  • Scope of Work
  • Detailed Method of Procedure (MOP)
  • Manufacturers Acceptance Test Data Sheet
  • Completion Sign-off Form
  • Power Cable Running List
  • Signal Cable Running List
  • Floor Plan Drawing
  • Equipment Rack Face Drawing
  • Installation Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • General Notes