Cell On Wheels - COW

Temporary cellular service is frequently supplied via a Cell (site) on Wheels (COW). These COWs are deployed at special events/venues or as part of disaster recovery operations. MTSI deploys COWs along with backhaul facilities on such occasions.

Special events like county or state fairs, local festivals, sporting events, and conventions draw a large number of subscribers that can overwhelm existing macro-cell capacity. In such cases a Cell on Wheel (COW) is deployed that provides wireless service for the duration of the event. COWs are also deployed in the wake of natural disasters when permanent wireless facilities have become inoperable.

MTSI deploys numerous COWs each year along with backhaul services using fiber or licensed and unlicensed microwave. We transport the COW and backhaul equipment to the site and set up the cellular and backhaul facilities per the RF planning specification. We work with the MNO to ensure the COW is fully integrated as the site is placed into service.

At the conclusion of the special event, MTSI decommissions the backhaul and cellular equipment, and transports the COW to a storage facility.