Antenna System Installation and Alignment

MTSI has extensive experience installing antenna systems for all types of wireless networks:

  • Grid and parabolic microwave dish
  • Cellular panel and sector antennas
  • Conical horn
  • High- and ultra-high performance antennas
  • Radomes for point-to-point microwave radio systems.

MTSI has an extensive background in cellular and two-way antenna system installation. We have also installed broad beamwidth sector antennas used in point-to-multipoint wireless Internet applications.

MTSI’s skilled and experienced personnel install transmission lines between radio equipment and antennas. We have experience working with CAT-5 and CAT-6 cable, air and foam filled coax as well as waveguide and associated pressurization equipment. MTSI’s field technicians install the transmission line from the antenna, into the shelter, where they are prepared for interfacing with the radio equipment. We install shelter pass-through kits, waveguide boots, grounds, and all other components of the antenna system.

Critical to the performance of the wireless network is alignment of the antenna in the horizontal and vertical planes. MTSI’s personnel have extensive experience with antenna alignment and are experts at aligning large diameter antennas with narrow beamwidths as well as antennas operating at high frequencies.

MTSI is an approved contractor to work on major tower operators’ facilities including American Tower, SBA, Crown Castle International, and others.